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- Dear ccp.. so many people are now wanting a real movie from eve online. it would own if it was based ...2009.04.03 08:48:00
- well ccp better fix this... its very borring atm... VERY! ...2009.03.29 19:37:00
- ps we actually mined the grav sites out.. and they respawn... or should i say change position.. when ...2009.03.29 19:17:00
- same prop we have! nothing but grac **** to be found.. however i think its a bug.. it started after ...2009.03.29 19:15:00
- theres no sleepers to be found in tier 5 atleast... might be a bug but havent found a single site fo ...2009.03.29 19:11:00
- i find it odd to have 2 months to decide this task but 48 houres to reverse it.. ccp just screwed ow ...2009.03.28 17:32:00
- is it now bob start flame like goons and others did ?? rofl... ccp is pathetic... ...2009.03.27 18:33:00
- i am lvl 5 in all races allready so i win ? ...2009.03.26 10:45:00
- i propose that ccp does it so you need to vote to disband alliances/corps... one person shouldent be ...2009.02.05 14:01:00
- if i hated bob before i now are on bobs side... winning a fight like goons did make me turn around a ...2009.02.05 13:59:00
- Goons are poor loosers i had great respect for em as they are the oens holding bob the longest time ...2009.02.05 13:40:00
- i dnt care what they are called.. i just wants to get scared again when entering belts or whatever.. ...2009.01.30 17:10:00
- shame to see efects are more important than gameplay and new stuff.. i dont know any who actually ha ...2009.01.19 11:07:00
- its quite simple. when u pay 17 bill+ for a mothership u would espect more than a carier with 5 dron ...2009.01.12 06:04:00
- so when will ccp compensate all of eve for this ??? it had impact on all of us. ...2009.01.03 09:01:00

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