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- First page of a kesper north thread. Also good show old chap. ...2011.01.01 02:56:00
- My mailbox!!!! why would you do this to me. also hi. ...2010.02.03 06:17:00
- I see what you did there..... ...2009.11.21 11:09:00
- any of the turret battlecruisers make fantastic gas miners. and can fit a probe launcher for finding ...2009.10.15 09:12:00
- Nice job PL, as for counters i think the drone setup Cry havoc fielded is a decent counter.... just ...2009.09.21 06:07:00
- yeah.... just get a domi tbh. ...2009.08.13 17:49:00
- Another quality video Lopez, Titan fight was fun even tho the fit was... well S**t. Domi herd is pre ...2009.08.13 09:46:00
- Congrats on the take down, glad the exploiters didnt get away with it, enjoy your faction mods :) ...2009.08.06 00:02:00
- This exact thing happened to us a little while back, we also got Sweet F-all help from the GMs, even ...2009.08.05 08:03:00
- To be fair no amount of cap rechargers would of saved him here. We had a STUPID amount of neuts on h ...2009.07.21 23:21:00
- @ fit...I've lost carriers better fitted than that...Good report from MS, looks like a nice fightWa ...2009.07.21 06:55:00
- Titan died very fast after tackle and our BS fleet arrived from a few jumps out... lasted about 3 mi ...2009.07.21 06:31:00
- Edited by: Hellown on 21/07/2009 06:46:42 This was a battlereport, but MS crossposted himself a lit ...2009.07.21 06:29:00
- Mega has 7 turret slots for a start. please fit a Large armor rep also, drop 2 hardners add 2 magst ...2009.06.01 06:19:00
- Missed out on the titan.... was in jita.... oh god :|.still made it for a bunch of caps tho. GF an a ...2009.04.28 10:29:00

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