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- There are several abolitionist groups, e.g. the secret stairway.They are as fanatic in their interpr ...2011.08.31 16:46:00
- Hello!So, it's over 3 years since I've been a pilot. Woo!Anyway, I am seeing a lot of things about s ...2011.08.25 17:29:00
- I believe the Empress purchases a lot of her foundation garments from Noble Appliances.Noble Applian ...2011.07.31 08:45:00
- Well I would, but what are the odds the next spam they send will be from the same character, do you ...2011.07.30 21:10:00
- one in-game mail constitutes as spam? I think more than a single message has to be received for it t ...2011.07.30 21:04:00
- There's the emperor Amash-Akura as mentioned in the Ametat and Avetat chronicle ...2011.07.17 19:34:00
- No.Giving them out for free in the char creator takes away even more from potential purposes for Inc ...2011.07.09 15:46:00
- I know both Lucius Vindictus and Raze Valadeus, and either of them would be suitable. ...2011.06.27 18:06:00
- - After (re)making a photograph, upon entering the game, sometimes the background image of the por ...2011.06.04 01:51:00
- but seriously, there are a lot of things that look like the background world and the player-observab ...2011.06.02 16:59:00
- Finally...regarding the broader concern that we're "walling off" the world of non-capsuleers. I have ...2011.06.01 16:46:00
- The status of Tash-Murkon Family as an Heir Family is proof that righteousness is not limited to Tru ...2011.05.31 17:00:00
- Pilot License Certification, the new initial tutorials. Roll a new character of any race, or start t ...2011.05.27 17:11:00
- The NPC intersystem convoys is exactly what I am looking at Louella. It i shard for me to come up ...2011.05.10 16:35:00
- hooray. ...2011.05.07 07:08:00

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