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- More targets to shoot, sounds like a win to me. This person speaks the truth! ...2008.11.13 13:58:00
- Why trash your character?Transfer it to my account and i ll give you 100 Million ISK and a brand new ...2008.11.12 18:02:00
- I dont see how the new gates can change anything. I'm playing with classic graphics and the stargate ...2008.11.12 17:59:00
- The solution to the problem is simple:QUIT. Don't try to sell your accounts or characters off to som ...2008.11.12 17:56:00
- Thinking is overrated. ...2008.11.12 17:50:00
- Edited by: Feriluce on 12/11/2008 17:47:52 The OP is full of fail.My ceptor Speedtank just fine goi ...2008.11.12 17:47:00
- The OP is full of fail.My ceptor Speedtank just fine going around 4.2-4.7k. You simply forgot the pa ...2008.11.12 17:46:00
- Let me say this again for emphasis.My LIGHT MISSILES does about 2/3 dmg to a frig moving WITHOUT AB ...2008.11.12 15:49:00
- l love the way you say that as if on every patch you carebears MUST benefit from it. Spare a thoug ...2008.11.12 10:50:00
- If you're not able to look at your clock and see when DT is, I doubt a warning message will help you ...2008.11.12 10:48:00
- I have never run a single lvl 4 mission and this huge missile nerf is ****ing me off tbh.My LIGHT mi ...2008.11.12 10:38:00
- One thing is that big missiles do barely any dmg to small ships.But another thing is light missiles ...2008.11.12 10:22:00
- No, i play hello kitty online and just paid for 5 years to come here and make comments about stuff ...2008.11.12 10:15:00
- I get it CCP. They should be stationary objects anchored in space. Thx for the upgrade. http: ...2008.11.12 02:04:00
- Offer taken down, sold to another customer. ...2008.11.05 16:45:00

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