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- It has become almost impossibe nowadays to warp your pod out after your ship gets killed. It always ...2011.08.17 02:53:00
- Madbuster73,8,12,34,41,44,68,91 ...2011.07.24 11:47:00
- Edited by: Madbuster73 on 06/07/2011 15:52:03 Walking in stations doesnt add anything to the game. ...2011.07.06 15:52:00
- Turned it off,then logged off :S It sucksIm thinking of all this wasted time they spend on this bug ...2011.06.22 18:18:00
- IMO that makes it WAY to complicated, and where are the rewards??? people are not gonna run those p ...2011.04.05 09:46:00
- But anyway, FW should be on high on the list of CCP and we need to attract more people, as it is the ...2011.03.29 14:45:00
- amarr fight for territory and to reenforce their faith (collect tithes from nonamarr, enslave minmat ...2011.03.28 10:16:00
- ...Plus it would give the sides something to actually compete over! Plex fights would actually mean ...2011.03.27 19:48:00
- I just had the greatest idea how to make Faction Warfare interesting again...There should be War for ...2011.03.27 11:27:00
- they fixed it now, but before you can see the option you have to reset your overview settings. make ...2011.02.04 19:03:00
- It has 12 static anomaly's. it has 100% bonus to Remote Armor repair it has 100% bonus to Capaci ...2011.02.03 16:31:00
- when fighting the sansha in incursions, the drones wont agress when I shoot the targets.. (they are ...2011.02.03 11:18:00
- plz fix this problem ccp.... let me know you are working on it :) ...2011.01.31 11:25:00
- Everybody I know has issues with this. so plz fix this ccp. let me know you are working on this plz. ...2011.01.31 11:23:00
- yes it defenitly needs to be fixed. I mean, some carebears were wining that they wanted to be able ...2011.01.28 11:08:00

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