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- I'm knocking on 80's door, eve keeps my mind young and the forums keep my fingers nimble. Zhuge is s ...2006.12.12 15:37:00
- Please review the forum rules.The rules state 1 bump per day. Only the OP is allowed to bump the thr ...2006.12.03 23:51:00
- SitRep/sitrep Forseral is redPfffff ...2006.12.03 23:33:00
- It might be a good idea to wait till the server trouble calms down before logging in.Another way t ...2006.12.03 23:29:00
- Ladies and Gentlemen ( and minmatar people )I present to you tonight's Server Trouble thread.Please ...2006.12.03 23:21:00
- Please keep your comments and opinions regarding the Revelations I deployment to This thread to av ...2006.11.29 17:29:00
- Janks loves it!CRC loves Janks ...2006.11.17 22:21:00
- Man, the quality threads are coming out on the forums today Great stuff. ...2006.11.17 22:20:00
- ROFL ...2006.11.17 22:03:00
- Pick me, pick me!/me pulls Amantus' hair.No!Pick me!11 Pick me!11 ...2006.11.17 22:00:00
- Would be pretty sweet to have to undock from your ship and go to your agent in station to recieve mi ...2006.11.17 21:52:00
- Hi.Stop trolling and flaming or I'll log in and keel you all Kthx. ...2006.11.17 21:46:00
- oooo oooo pick me!!1 pick me!1111 ...2006.11.17 21:37:00
- Duhoh is my hero ...2006.11.05 18:13:00
- Ran a Linkysys router as well, and I've had the same problem.For me, there was only one answer.New ...2006.11.03 09:52:00

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