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- From one obvious alt to another :Just to set a few things right ...The Victim of this was not the F2 ...2011.08.22 02:58:00
- Here comes the BOB-GOON wars again! Sign me up!!!!you'd like that wouldn't you ...2011.08.20 03:46:00
- Now that hon has gone ftp it can go **** itself. I can't laugh at the poor people playing lol any mo ...2011.08.11 14:56:00
- My god hahahahahahahahaha Camped logged off supers for a weekThen lostAllied Dread Fleet 3 Super ...2011.08.08 03:00:00
- oh god ...2011.07.29 17:20:00
- ban test ...2011.07.29 17:17:00
- LMAO! OMG! That just ****ing made my week! Don't bite the hands that fed you.( Somebody had to ) ...2011.04.17 03:59:00
- And if any pubbies start telling me how gallente ships can be good in ~wulf packs~ I will tactical n ...2011.04.17 02:11:00
- Try training gallente for a year as a pubbie to realise that your ships are not wanted or viable in ...2011.04.17 02:09:00
- Psykzz is literally a jaffa cake.Confirming all IP's from the meeting where logged. Please don't res ...2011.04.16 22:46:00
- Your tearsDeliciousIs this your attempt at ironic humour ? ...2011.04.14 02:36:00
- Do it.Spy's would literally kill themselves ...2011.04.13 02:08:00
- I heard flying ECCM'd snipers and only coming out of safespots to gank people is high tier PvP and i ...2011.04.13 01:40:00
- Keep making these terrible terrible threads and I'm sure they will listen.Really ...2011.04.13 00:36:00
- - MY STATS - ...2011.04.12 23:21:00

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