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- i can vouch for xplosiv when he says how powerful the cruiser isif you fit that thing right and are ...2011.08.28 10:09:00
- OS version: win7 64 bitCPU: black edition phenom II 1090t 6 core 3.2ghzGPU: gtx580 1.5gb RAM: 8gb dd ...2011.08.19 21:49:00
- no one wants to help you.. you gay sh+t <3uinlovebro !?in your dreams drag queen <3 ...2011.08.17 13:43:00
- no one wants to help you.. you gay sh+t <3 ...2011.08.17 13:40:00
- i really dont get why people fuss about super caps on the test server because ccp said they want sis ...2011.07.24 11:48:00
- funny that ccp claim eve is realrefuse to belive there is a world were a outfit will cost more money ...2011.07.11 15:31:00
- i hope people will start to realise that ccp really really really dont care about eve and never have ...2011.06.25 12:08:00
- my carrier got shot at capital rotation spot could you please ban thempicture screen shot ...2011.06.23 19:15:00
- well im not surprised about the ammount of hate in this thread and i belive it speaks for most eve p ...2011.06.22 09:39:00
- Edited by: justin666 on 04/06/2011 10:00:25 Edited by: Zora''e on 04/06/2011 00:58:03 So today i t ...2011.06.04 09:57:00
- ccp next time your about to post a survey can you please post it on the forums first because i my se ...2011.05.19 21:42:00
- Edited by: justin666 on 18/05/2011 11:40:02 yeah it happens everytime they change the branch in the ...2011.05.18 11:39:00
- Edited by: justin666 on 12/05/2011 09:28:52 i live in the nc and tbh i support this idea because it ...2011.05.12 09:28:00
- I've found the Paladin show quite entertaining. I have a nice cup of coffee and watch the festiviti ...2011.04.25 20:12:00
- im going to make a very basic reply and i belive i can speak for a good majority of 0.0 pvpersthe am ...2011.04.21 21:42:00

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