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- how did i get dragged into this aweful ass thread.I really didn't know lady lard other then he joine ...2010.08.06 19:14:00
- Props that was hilarious.... ...2010.06.05 22:13:00
- So how is oldman star obvious python alt?for that matter how is the jerk cartel?you have a great day ...2010.04.30 17:41:00
- fail troll is fail ...2010.04.29 04:46:00
- In on lol butthurt threadyou have a good day ...2010.04.28 18:18:00
- Edited by: Ken Plante on 22/10/2009 15:48:55 Have to agree on rax and arby if u want to be cheapuse ...2009.10.22 15:48:00
- Edited by: Spectre3353 on 29/07/2009 14:20:52 You're talking about Eternal Perseverance, aren't you ...2009.08.24 21:07:00
- Edited by: Ken Plante on 24/08/2009 21:07:08 fail quote is fail edit ...2009.08.24 21:06:00
- But the 50-60k point is the point of the ship... I get the best of a recon and cs. And yes the pri ...2009.08.23 17:25:00
- Ya but the fact is with my damnation it tanks over 1100 and has a 60k point overloaded and still goe ...2009.08.23 13:49:00
- lol awesome post. And the guy that got an alt in my flight school, have fun!i wonder who would go t ...2009.08.23 04:40:00
- I have to admit it was a beaut of a trap... and a well earned killnow on my fitthat ship has 800 dps ...2009.08.23 04:24:00
- Thanks SpecWE NOW HAVE A FLIGHT SCHOOL we are willing to take the younger pilots and train em up. ...2009.07.24 21:33:00
- Thanks shuYa we encourage solo pilots, but at the same time they must work well together if we do ne ...2009.07.17 01:10:00
- Edited by: Ken Plante on 15/06/2009 18:07:02 positive sec positive wallet maxed scanner with 9 mil ...2009.06.15 18:07:00

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