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- Edited by: Lui Kai on 07/04/2010 02:38:58 Sorry for the blank time - I had some family business tha ...2010.04.07 02:35:00
- Okay, awesome. Can you put me down for 10 shares? Will log on tomorrow and send the money.Used my al ...2010.03.30 05:52:00
- Is it too late to buy into this? I'm a fairly new character so I only have a few million to give, bu ...2010.03.29 05:57:00
- Confirming 250 Million isk sent to Limited Bond. Awaiting Shares.Confirmed receipt - thank you :)As ...2010.03.29 01:35:00
- 1 billion ISK sent to Limited Bond.Entire thread/fear mongering was tl;dr, but from Lui's pretty sig ...2010.03.28 06:34:00
- Is it really only Caldari that get these?No, there's offers for all empires at equivocal standings t ...2010.03.27 12:21:00
- My apologies! I must have misread your post ><. Thanks for taking the time to correct it!No problem ...2010.03.27 12:16:00
- 1.The almost-too-good-to-be-true untapped market (with scant details provided)The only real soluti ...2010.03.26 19:51:00
- Confirming that this thread has the lamest trolls.To be fair - mixed in with the "Hah, we get a chan ...2010.03.26 17:19:00
- Confirming I've recieved 1,000 Shares. Thanks for that :)All Block 2 investors should have their sh ...2010.03.26 09:05:00
- Corp info doesn't show total shares, but only how many shares were created with the most recent shar ...2010.03.25 17:26:00
- One only needs a 7.0 and 30 Diamond Tags for instance to get the CNR 2 run BPC from Zoun Makui in ...2010.03.25 04:53:00
- Note that you can contract off your kit from any distance, and various trade-category skills will le ...2010.03.25 03:28:00
- Just started about 2 weeks ago and I did a bunch of the tutorial and easy missions to get up to abou ...2010.03.25 00:33:00
- Edited by: Lui Kai on 25/03/2010 00:27:47 Though I would like to invest and this doesn't look like ...2010.03.24 23:44:00

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