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- This is the best thing I've read all week - and believe me, I've watched some good films this week ...2011.08.03 18:35:00
- ...seeing as how just a few of us came back recently...Judge Dredd is on and I forgot what I was goi ...2011.08.03 18:31:00
- over ninnnnneeeeee thousssssssanddddd !!111!! ...2008.10.03 14:15:00
- Tale of prison breakout, woe and horse deathRejoice! Fairwheel's leg injury has now recovered fully ...2008.06.22 14:26:00
- Edited by: Drakesh on 22/06/2008 09:28:27 My spare (work) fortress BORNGLOVE has just had a prisone ...2008.06.22 09:28:00
- Go for the eyes Boo!Butt kicking for justice!My fort (Talkmirror) has been progressing nicely, 8 yea ...2008.06.17 07:24:00
- I've noticed that some sieges contain a lot of enemy ranged users, whilst others have hardly any. If ...2008.06.09 17:49:00
- For me I actually tried to use that tileset but after a while gave up - I'm actually more used to th ...2008.06.06 08:15:00
- But you should see my plans for the new water system I totally freaked out on this. I'm planning ...2008.06.05 04:45:00
- Anyone got a link to the clip from one of the earlier seasons of BSG, where the shuttle crashes into ...2008.06.05 04:31:00
- Edited by: Xen Gin on 05/06/2008 02:39:40 Also, am I the only one that eats curry with Branston pic ...2008.06.05 03:58:00
- I once sniffed some curry powder and nearly slipped into a korma...I am going to have to hunt you do ...2008.06.03 12:22:00
- Also I find this little tool easily the best tool for the game.It monitors a text file for changes a ...2008.06.03 11:51:00
- my fortress is slowly taking off now \o/im getting faster with the menus and all, but theres somethi ...2008.06.03 11:42:00
- OK, I'm struggling with water. Advicicles welcome.I've got a river next to my fortress, that I'm int ...2008.06.02 17:03:00

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