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- Avatars look good but I am missing some customization. I would appreciate heagear (hoods and such) a ...2010.12.30 10:10:00
- Relevant threads. I some good stuff posted already *tips hat* I am going two obvious threads, Akita ...2008.07.22 20:33:00
- An update would be good. ...2008.07.22 07:47:00
- I am interested. You have my details in an evemail ...2008.07.20 13:34:00
- Sent you an evemail ...2008.07.19 19:19:00
- Congratualtions. I voted for you with both my accounts. Id second the stock exchange suggestion. It ...2008.05.21 20:51:00
- On a basic level the freighter does only one thing; it increases your maximum load per trip. So in o ...2008.05.20 11:30:00
- I am what people would call a carebear. I can barley fight myself out of a wet paper bag. However, i ...2007.11.28 09:12:00
- Amazing. My congratulations to CCP and their team. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen ...2007.11.28 06:28:00
- A "Trade" option under corp operations would be welcome. ...2007.11.22 07:00:00
- Edited by: Laughing God on 08/11/2007 12:37:28 First I recommend doing everything Hexxx recommended ...2007.11.08 12:36:00
- Edited by: Laughing God on 08/11/2007 12:40:10 Hello Outa,Ill let the debate about posting with an ...2007.11.08 11:46:00
- Like other have said, it might destroy the market for you, which probably why the order was placed t ...2007.09.05 20:16:00
- Good question,Personally I tend to use the maximum duration on my orders, since there is no immediat ...2007.07.18 14:30:00
- If you like the industrial/trade part of the game. This is the place to be. A good group of active a ...2007.07.15 19:09:00

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