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- les affaire attitude ...2011.09.05 00:49:00
- dotlan is too powerful, API knows everything and exploration is a mindless grind, so, remove local!R ...2011.09.04 11:09:00
- I've played the RTS genre to death, to the point of being bored with them for years. Achron sounded ...2011.09.02 02:05:00
- He was throwing rocks at a car. What did he expect ... ?Ok, probably not a bolt shot from a crossbow ...2011.08.30 20:12:00
- A long time ago (but not in a galaxy far away) there was a demo of a strategy game using time travel ...2011.08.30 13:59:00
- I've been playing Track Mania: Nations for a couple of days now (free download @ steam) and that is ...2011.08.30 13:52:00
- The player does not actually lose anything as the plunderer has essentially copied the code. That's ...2011.08.16 20:20:00
- I really don't think there's such an abundance of 16-18 year olds playing You clearly did your resea ...2011.08.16 19:53:00
- The battle still rages, and as we fight hard for a victory, I know that one day our names will go d ...2011.08.16 06:35:00
- Here is a great one, but it's in french. So I will give you a quick translation. But first I'll have ...2011.08.16 06:34:00
- Easily the best video I have seen in a while.Good Job ...2011.08.14 01:11:00
- If I had 2 characters one a minmatar and the other an amarrBoth equally trained in all the same skil ...2011.08.12 00:19:00
- Edited by: Jill Xelitras on 11/08/2011 23:37:27 Edited by: Jill Xelitras on 11/08/2011 23:35:02 Mo ...2011.08.11 23:34:00
- If you get a message saying the cargo hold is full and it's not then it's a bug. Nah ... it's bad wo ...2011.08.11 22:22:00
- Helpful list is helpful.Thank you,Jill. ...2011.07.31 03:05:00

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