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- Which names? ...2011.06.22 23:48:00
- Edited by: Thronde on 15/03/2011 01:52:46 This is now a WIDOT thread. Derp ...2011.03.15 01:24:00
- Yeah, seriously... It's not like this is the hardest forum to post wants/sales in. ...2011.03.15 01:21:00
- Edited by: Thronde on 11/03/2011 22:50:20 I never know what to say in the post, because the title g ...2011.03.11 22:41:00
- I came into LV after the RA starting pushing back. I remember the epic fights had back then, and tha ...2011.02.18 04:44:00
- BRUCE invade anything... I LOLed. ...2011.01.05 00:33:00
- Total, it was I think.I didn't even know he left. Did he leave Kelmad? ...2011.01.05 00:27:00
- Well, it doesn't all have to be trolling. There are far too few times these days in EVE that powerbl ...2010.11.25 19:54:00
- Edited by: Thronde on 25/11/2010 19:45:16 This isn't a s***poast. This is a genuine thanks for last ...2010.11.25 19:43:00
- I sent 3 for the first three, is all I have left. ...2010.11.25 01:55:00
- Names that have always stood out in my mind:Verone Ugluuk Rafterman Jonis Sinmaker (He and Rafter ...2010.11.19 02:41:00
- why would privateers care about anything outside of jita?They don't care for in-game purposes, they ...2010.11.18 23:43:00
- I'll only buy a Rag from you guys if you can guarantee that "Loney Was Here" is welded somewhere int ...2010.11.18 22:58:00
- Sorry, held up by gate traffics.WI. representin'!Oh, and in response to the standings reset, why res ...2010.11.18 22:53:00
- Also one of my old main's former corps. <3 Ug and crew, you guys taught me a ton about Pew pew. ...2010.11.18 18:25:00

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