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- Absolutely loved it - fantastic video! ...2010.11.30 23:24:00
- One of my favorite Crow videos is still Angelus X's video "The Brawler": LinkyI did one myself a whi ...2008.03.09 11:51:00
- It's so unfairI've been kicked out of The Graduates because I haven't been spending enough time doin ...2008.02.10 11:43:00
- Not sure if this works ingame, but it's what you are looking for:Jump Range Calculator ...2007.10.20 08:34:00
- Not being rude, but if you need to ask a question like this then you really shouldn't be thinking of ...2007.09.18 07:48:00
- When you tried to buy the ship, did you go to market sell orders and buy an existing one, or did you ...2007.09.05 08:13:00
- I have 3 PVP characters who were born as Caldari.I have Rodge specialised in Gallente ships, another ...2007.08.19 10:23:00
- Edited by: Rodge on 10/08/2007 07:47:00 All players that have been around for a long time know that ...2007.08.10 07:45:00
- It stops people sitting at the POS in high sec repairing it, while being totally immune to the guys ...2007.06.21 21:34:00
- Then there was checkers, dames, game of go...Games are meant to be fun and simple. Just a simple wa ...2007.06.19 08:15:00
- with all this empire ganking going on and all the *****ing about it and people saying this is not an ...2007.06.08 07:06:00
- - Don't nerf things. Throw in new alternative modules and skills that can be used as a counter to wh ...2007.05.04 07:40:00
- All micro cap battery bps were turned into small cap batteries a few patches back. Afaik the same th ...2007.05.02 20:16:00
- engineering doesn't decrease power usage, it increases your total power grid.Advanced Weapon Upgrade ...2007.05.01 23:07:00
- Very unlikely to happen, since the devs kinda regret even putting the advanced learnings in.Still, I ...2007.05.01 23:02:00

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