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- i would expect them to die sooner with hulkagaddon going on and allthey are still alive doing there ...2010.01.13 20:27:00
- 2 Hulk bot miners always active in alikara. please kill em.names:klethen astrogurke merida simplong ...2010.01.13 20:08:00
- so what would be a catalyst fit recommended by the hulkageddon team? i dont have too much iskies to ...2009.12.31 21:18:00
- It would be real nice if EFT would come with a auto update feature or update warning from the progra ...2009.12.31 11:12:00
- The type of pvp im looking for!How well is the EU timezone represented? Can i expect daily roams wit ...2009.12.30 08:52:00
- Sounds interesting. How big is your corp? How many EU Timezone players are active and do they organi ...2009.12.30 08:43:00
- Im a EU player who is looking to dedicate to pvp (just check my other posts for info). However i wou ...2009.12.30 08:31:00
- Just give the char away and get it over with. You can't possibly be interested in isk when leaving e ...2009.12.29 06:56:00
- Solution for you: Make 3-4 billion isk and buy a character from another player, specialized in skill ...2009.12.29 05:17:00
- There is some good advice here. Starting with Jolo's advice about the frigs. I would defiantly start ...2009.12.29 04:14:00
- ...For what?I think you must be on some kind of drugs if you are comparing my question of which is b ...2009.12.29 03:41:00
- Different aggro timers.Classic trick.1. Steal loot, get aggro timer to whole corp. 2. Let yourself ...2009.12.29 03:11:00
- Edited by: V0latar on 25/12/2009 14:19:31 I think the only problem for me doing solo pvp in low sec ...2009.12.25 09:45:00
- -all caps cuz im an attention *****-whats an acceptable amount of cans u can jet on gate to uncloak ...2009.12.25 05:10:00
- Well, I'm not sure about any in-house rules or truces in RvB, but you could get your CNR killed whil ...2009.12.25 04:46:00

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