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- Ahh war. Excellent Commodore.Finally my services can be put to good use. Not cheap use, but good u ...2004.11.16 03:19:00
- As I've stated in other threads, I too am disgusted at the sorry state of affairs that makes our hom ...2004.06.04 03:46:00
- Edited by: Zerkbahl Venomflame on 02/04/2004 19:59:20 He'll have the chance to get an education at ...2004.04.02 19:58:00
- Assistant communication technician for Forest Protection in nowhereville Canada. Mmm radios. And p ...2004.03.26 09:08:00
- Frankly, you need nearly the same setup in 0.4 as you do in 0.0 -- which begs the question: why do ...2004.03.25 19:57:00
- Nope, I got 2 implants with standing between 4.0 and 4.25.. this with a -20 qual agent. Switched u ...2004.03.25 19:04:00
- I shall have to speak with you later on today Pulgor, I am in need of a proper way to display my nam ...2004.03.24 09:20:00
- I'd like them to have a drop as well. Dissapointing to kill an 85k rat and get nothing(except the b ...2004.03.22 18:01:00
- Dear Pulgor, When I help the Gallente Federation by doing various missions to further their cause, ...2004.03.21 19:42:00
- "I'm just an Evolution thug from Peace River AB"Holy ****, didn't think anyone else here played From ...2004.03.20 09:17:00
- Would definitly be nice if there was a check to see if you are in a war or not. 24 hours to volunta ...2004.03.20 09:09:00
- I had a 50k slaver and friend mission yesterday, did it with my thorax with little problem. It took ...2004.03.17 17:53:00
- I haven't found an agent that gives purely non-combat myself. But I think purely non-combat would g ...2004.03.17 17:48:00
- Thank you for bringing this up Burga. I agree with you, it isn''t right that we should receive so l ...2004.03.14 03:45:00
- As an Intaki, I haven't faced most of these problems you speak of; but perhaps I have just been luck ...2004.03.12 08:01:00

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