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- Edited by: Merin Ryskin on 20/07/2011 20:55:48 The dev anwsers thread reveals that the system handl ...2011.07.20 20:55:00
- The logs in theory would show EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING, but imagine if CCP had to reimburse ...2011.07.20 20:04:00
- After losing yet another ship* because of unplayable lag (whether client-side or server-side) and ge ...2011.07.19 08:03:00
- You must not be looking very hard if you see very few threads demanding more content. The "when was ...2011.07.17 20:50:00
- Religion is a whole lot more than about just believing what is written in some book, its more than f ...2011.07.14 08:48:00
- There's a daily average of a little under 2000 trial accounts logged on at peak times.Trial accounts ...2011.07.14 03:34:00
- It doesn't take a genius to figure out why empire space has 80% of the players.You're right, it does ...2011.07.14 03:18:00
- Well I dont know where you live, but here i've seen them put up billboards, have weekly meetings, ha ...2011.07.14 02:51:00
- In the next expansion, the Door will open. Unfortunately, the only thing on the other side of it is ...2011.07.14 01:38:00
- Hint religion is not the same as having a faith or belief in a deity or whatever the hell someone wa ...2011.07.14 01:34:00
- CCP already stated that the NEX store and MT will be only for vanity items so who gives a crap, you ...2011.07.07 23:55:00
- Besides the question of how much development time CCP is going to waste on the MT store, how many fe ...2011.07.07 23:04:00
- Yeah, that article is just bull**** excuses for lazy developers. Also, congratulations on completely ...2011.07.06 10:23:00
- XOptional FOREVER, not just until CQ is "fixed" enough that CCP can get away with making it mandator ...2011.07.05 16:43:00
- This is a fallacious argument. The only thing MTs are good for is CCP's bottom line.The sad thing i ...2011.07.01 11:00:00

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