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- remembers good bad old times of tranquillity, the warning about skill queue in the past had a reason ...2011.04.06 21:03:00
- Edited by: Ottman on 02/04/2011 10:33:09 failsauce, where is my powered armor suit, where is my gun ...2011.04.02 10:31:00
- well even this is not the forum with most attention on it, but i do hope someone from ccp will answe ...2010.12.28 10:57:00
- interesting, no real reaction on this topic ? wrong part of forums or what ?MfG Ottman ...2010.12.19 12:43:00
- lol... when ccp nerfs pi to the bone than the nuke from orbit stuff you find so funny never will ha ...2010.12.17 16:30:00
- well i watched the dev blog clips on ccp`s youtube channel, and i heard the comment in one of those ...2010.12.16 17:39:00
- well the learning skills keep the real wrong type of players off, but now ? dont want to think what ...2010.12.16 17:23:00
- i do hope we can keep the old way if we want, vertical on the left is perfect for me, i dont want it ...2010.12.16 16:55:00
- hmm maybe its just me and the fact i am german :Pbut one thing is not completly clear, the 12 points ...2010.11.25 19:02:00
- i thought the current system was for eliminating afk empires in 0.0 ? this is definetly a nerf, and ...2010.11.11 06:33:00
- hmm... what will happen to existing colonies when incursion hits the fan ? i mean there are ppl tha ...2010.10.15 16:56:00
- nerfsauce = failsaucedoes it sound familiar ? plex alone will not gurantee to exclude the isk for rl ...2010.09.23 21:34:00
- to hell with those anti empire faction missions, i want to get asked if i want to do any milita like ...2010.08.12 16:57:00
- well those 0.0 ratters that troll and flame against empire pve ppl, well i hope you get permganked s ...2010.08.10 13:06:00
- ran if eve would be a free to play game you would have rights for such an comment, but eve you have ...2010.08.04 09:12:00

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