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- There doesn't seem to be much market activity on Crystallite Alloy (), so I'm not sure what to try a ...2006.09.07 10:05:00
- I must admit I'd be reluctant to fit small turrets. There are a few missions I've come across where ...2006.02.02 13:15:00
- Edited by: Tangley on 31/01/2006 13:57:15 If it's any help, I know for a fact that the OP doesn't h ...2006.01.31 13:56:00
- Edited by: Tangley on 31/01/2006 13:30:55 The full intro is on the Animatrix version. I found the m ...2006.01.31 13:27:00
- Hi all! I've just got my skills to pilot a Maller, and was wondering what people thought was a goo ...2006.01.31 11:20:00
- I can't say I agree with these ideas for restrictions on npc corps just for bothering a few macro mi ...2006.01.27 11:36:00
- Edited by: Tangley on 26/01/2006 14:19:42 Edited by: Tangley on 24/01/2006 12:36:00 Edited by: Tan ...2006.01.24 12:21:00
- I can't remember the names of the Matar tag agents, but there's one outside each of the 3 starter st ...2006.01.24 11:20:00
- How about the f-aq phase code tracking subroutines? ...2006.01.23 12:12:00
- It's good to finally find some useful ship setups at last!(boink) ...2006.01.23 11:22:00
- 0.99d RC2 - Correcting problem with import and all save/load etc button.I'm getting the same load er ...2006.01.12 12:04:00
- As a trial user myself, I can't see how it could hurt to disable the ability to transfer money. I kn ...2005.11.28 16:38:00

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