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- SOLAR FLEET ...2011.06.18 19:16:00
- Nulli Secunda ...2011.06.18 18:32:00
- Can't remember which Tournament this was from but it was Fimbulwinter vs Lotka Volterra.Fimbul vs LV ...2011.05.11 00:05:00
- Have to agree with the one above, love the graphics and the combat-system.Overall it feels like it's ...2011.03.10 20:54:00
- I just got the Bioware Signature Edition in my mail (Sweden). Preordered it way back in December sin ...2011.03.09 21:23:00
- Yeah, I more or less decided to call it quits, band has been in-active for some time as well. ...2011.03.08 21:15:00
- Pacman!Or was that just the weekend seen through some distand haze, sirens and blue lights ...2011.03.07 10:03:00
- If anyone is interested this is a reminder to download both our albums within 2 months or so cause w ...2011.03.07 01:34:00
- Another very lovely evening at this very lovely resort.I really am not sure on how tonights event we ...2011.02.16 00:54:00
- As expected everything have held top notch class, looking forward to return already and I haven't le ...2011.02.14 01:52:00
-"Cause old dogs won't learn new tricks" ...2011.02.10 00:13:00
- Personally I have never been prey before, perhaps it would be a new experiance. I will really have t ...2010.08.27 21:44:00
- Edited by: Anfauglith on 27/08/2010 21:30:08 Monsters...lies within the eye of the beholder.And in ...2010.08.27 21:29:00
- ...L'vlos zhah l'dro, I'll tell you what it means later...<she drains her glass again and presses he ...2010.08.27 21:15:00
- vi) RuinsIn visions I see ruins they laugh at all the ones who travel in time The world drowns in ...2010.08.11 09:47:00

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