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- I do not support this.I think you are pretty far off on your theory of how pricing and value work. S ...2011.07.11 08:52:00
- 1) CQ and WIS? Great direction I think, but so far just an annoyance! This KILLS immersion. A captai ...2011.06.23 06:59:00
- Edited by: Hieder on 23/06/2011 21:54:22 Supported.This is a UI backslide. No longer can you double ...2011.06.23 06:13:00
- Supported.Even bringing back the pre-apoc sound engine until the new one gets fixed would be an impr ...2010.02.06 22:38:00
- I am thankfull that CCP are finally addressing the problematic/laggy sound engine, but the way it is ...2009.12.24 00:08:00
- I've been experiencing the same thing. I noticed it mostly with sound effects, Chattin away with the ...2009.12.23 23:33:00
- I hope there are more pieces like this written, showing the tensions the TRUE patriots are having wi ...2008.07.14 22:19:00

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