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- So...has anyone else noticed that the build after the next build listed in the bug reports pages is ...2010.09.20 12:45:00
- YAY, a Dev Blog! ...2009.04.08 20:03:00
- I have noticed the game has been a lot snappier! ...2009.02.17 03:14:00
- What about jumping? ...2009.01.28 02:40:00
- Yay! Torfi devblogged! The world surely is coming to an end. ...2009.01.23 12:38:00
- Edited by: Hi Lo on 21/01/2009 10:22:02 Oveur alluded to the WIS being deployed in the then unnamed ...2009.01.21 10:22:00
- I support this. Nice to see the ball and chains being cut loose on the possibilities of Eve. now los ...2009.01.20 08:24:00
- sounds wicked cool.both bricks and pellets. size related ...2008.11.20 20:00:00
- I think that with the advances of combat technology, Interdiction Spheres and the overall selection ...2008.11.01 06:12:00
- All i have to say about the new skill additions for the Orca:Bad CCP, very very bad. go sit in the c ...2008.10.31 04:01:00
- Edited by: Hi Lo on 29/10/2008 03:46:12 Anything i say will just be redundant.but, i will say this: ...2008.10.29 03:42:00
- Nerfing missiles would be a very bad thing in general. ...2008.10.28 02:40:00
- Nerfing missiles would be a very bad thing in general. ...2008.10.28 02:36:00
- the 50m3 seems alittle small for a mining support ship. Although we don't want to make it a solo min ...2008.10.24 06:29:00
- Edited by: Aegur on 16/10/2008 06:00:59 The reality of thousands of ships simultaneously engaged i ...2008.10.19 05:46:00

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