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- Hmmm...Think I'll host another game of Jitrivia now. ...2010.08.14 19:40:00
- Edited by: Cheesestick Charlie on 07/08/2010 01:07:53 labia?That's Cheesestick Charlie! *shrug*Wha ...2010.08.07 02:12:00
- Those who travel to Jita are all too familiar with the endless contract scams, "double your isk" sca ...2010.08.07 01:02:00
- With all of the complaining that has been going on lately I thought it would be a great time for eve ...2010.07.07 02:15:00
- Seems like a lot of people don't have the patience for any mistakes made by female commentators, sim ...2010.06.21 01:32:00
- Don't blame Pandemic Legion for a lousy final match--Hydra blew it. They had three rooks going again ...2010.06.20 23:58:00
-'ve been meaning to write something about this up for years n ...2009.07.16 16:22:00
- I'm pleased to see you once again, gentle CAOD reader. It's hard to believe it's now been seven hund ...2009.06.22 14:53:00
- BONUS Epilogue! An Eve BONUS EpilogueI cannot leave without saying a little about the treachery of ...2009.03.14 14:28:00
- BoB had to make many mistakes to prevent it from riding its advantages to total victory. BoB's betra ...2009.03.14 14:27:00
- Edited by: James 315 on 14/03/2009 14:26:36 ASCN morale took a major hit, but the war went on and o ...2009.03.14 14:26:00
- ASCN did not attempt to open a second front again, but many of the carrier pilots conducted guerilla ...2009.03.14 14:25:00
- While pretending not to care on CAOD, the private face of BoB was twisted into a deep scowl. They ha ...2009.03.14 14:25:00
- Seeing the attempted invasion of TPAR as a failure, Cyvok ordered the fleets to go on the defensive ...2009.03.14 14:24:00
- Both BoB and ASCN could field large numbers, and given the state of Eve's servers, it meant crash af ...2009.03.14 14:24:00

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