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- Ill Be Here Too ...2011.08.25 17:20:00
- Edited by: DahMainMan on 15/05/2011 20:00:19 you think its about null?? you think its about anythin ...2011.05.15 19:59:00
- come on come all, would like usa players of west/east or aussie time.(TBH any time will do) see yah ...2011.03.16 03:43:00
- Citrus Heights Here, Close To Sacramento. ...2011.03.09 16:46:00
- BUTTS FOR ****S! join now!u know u wanna, ill even touch and rub you.what more do you want? pvp and ...2009.09.09 21:41:00
- so, i say you are one of them, every thing you posted is bull, and on top of that. you sum it all up ...2009.05.11 17:59:00
- ok, im sorry to say, it seems you guys need to add a ingame text blocker for eve.. so you can stop t ...2009.05.11 15:41:00
- ok, im in eve. in kubuntu with wine-0.9.52, 8800 gts 320 mb ram, nvidia driver version 169.07 instal ...2008.01.03 01:28:00
- what type of chipset do you have? ...2007.12.11 08:01:00
- So let me get this, if you had vista or sp2, you would be ok if yer boot.ini was deleted?if this is ...2007.12.11 07:40:00
- Thank You For the info bro.So it seems its upto wine to play catch up to windows and now Tg.Sucks, w ...2007.11.19 01:23:00
- Also, I know I can "just use the Tg client when its released" or "shut up you, you wont have to pay ...2007.11.19 00:22:00
- Q. Will EVE: Trinity break on Linux using Wine? A. Maybe. We have implemented a number of new func ...2007.11.19 00:03:00
- whats goin down with the beta test? i cant connect to the test server, is there a patch out? ...2007.10.23 04:49:00
- Sol, try to install an app called ENVY , it will instal the best linux drivers that are out, that al ...2007.10.10 15:00:00

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