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- Oh my.Looking forward to this, will comment in a bit. ...2010.08.22 14:27:00
- Edited by: X Gallentius on 21/08/2010 13:17:47 It gets worse. Damar regularly takes bands of young ...2010.08.21 14:45:00
- Cheers for the advice guys.Final question - after I make a couple billion, would you guys advise me ...2010.08.21 12:44:00
- For as long as I've been playing EVE I've avoided PvE wherever possible and been merrily dirt-poor a ...2010.08.20 22:21:00
- Edited by: Broken Kettle on 09/05/2010 15:32:20 I've spent a fair chunk of the afternoon editing th ...2010.05.09 15:09:00

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