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- Sadly I missed the opening ceremony (particularly after the grinding for Khanid standings).However, ...2009.09.28 21:57:00
- Anything I can do to improve the chances of getting a Storyline mission?Do 16 missions on the run fo ...2006.05.21 17:49:00
- Personally I think Cruise (especially w/ T2 launchers) are a better all round solution for lvl 4s. Y ...2006.05.21 12:25:00
- Try getting meta module versions of the hardeners and amps and the XL boosterAlso, work hard on the ...2006.05.21 10:09:00
- Swap your T2 Large for T2 XL, or go with 2* T2 Large. Your call ...2006.05.21 09:50:00
- rsdBan please...nah, gonad electrocution ...2005.12.22 22:04:00
- Edited by: Marlhog Karhigor on 20/12/2005 12:41:04 Greetings,i am interested to buy a new monitor f ...2005.12.22 21:53:00
- I just need to find a nice little spot to dig a very deep hole in the ground. ...2005.11.28 17:56:00
- < 25, and doesn't own a mobile phone (cell for you americans)this means one of two things: I'll sur ...2005.11.28 17:54:00
- It joins to a white hole that spews time back into the universe. ...2005.11.28 17:48:00
- Pele told Best, to his face, that he was the greatest player on the planet. That was good enough for ...2005.11.27 12:53:00
- Driver support for a lot of devices isn't great: namely stuff like TV cards, I think printers are fi ...2005.10.13 05:08:00
- Edited by: Faster ThanJesus on 16/09/2005 22:11:02 LBW is crickets offside, only more complicatedA ...2005.09.16 22:10:00
- Edited by: Faster ThanJesus on 13/09/2005 21:01:35 /me jumps on the bandwagon.Rugby last, cricket t ...2005.09.13 21:01:00
- /me is confusedThe ashes is a series of cricket matches played between England and Australia every c ...2005.09.12 21:46:00

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