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- Yes i would like to paint my ship also. E&b had that feature and there was no real noticable lag. ...2005.09.11 12:52:00
- Edited by: Orius Nix on 11/09/2005 12:46:28 PvP is a valued part of this game. I think that Eve wo ...2005.09.11 12:39:00
- How about a bonus that off sets the sig and speed nerf done to missles ...2005.09.11 01:42:00
- I wish ccp would do that. they could also use that time to add missing features from cosmo and other ...2005.09.11 01:30:00
- Because most of them are not pirates but just plain old gate gankers. Just kids that could not do re ...2005.09.11 00:34:00
- To be able to set embargo's against players/corps you set to low standings. what is ment is to be ab ...2005.09.11 00:07:00
- i will say it if i want. T2 Bs's WILL SCREW UP ALL THE WORK DEV"S HAVE TRIED TO PUT INTO BALANCING. ...2005.09.04 12:03:00
- I agree t2 bs's are going to be the end of balance. The way the pricing goes on t2's also only tge r ...2005.09.04 12:01:00
- Plates need to be fixed like they did ab's and mwd's, you can't fit oversized. a 1600mm in a cruiser ...2005.09.04 11:50:00
- i did not see any mention in the patch about fixing the succubus. It still flys and warps backwards ...2005.08.20 10:32:00
- do we realy need t2 bs right now. Should dev's fix the ones in game that they have broken or made to ...2005.08.20 10:26:00
- Tried that set it to 9% still no tax. I'm starting to think its a bug with the tax system. corps cre ...2005.08.15 16:01:00
- i agree some ships cargo does need to be bigger. Those ships like the raven that has to carry massiv ...2005.08.15 04:21:00
- Edited by: Orius Nix on 15/08/2005 04:16:03 we have killed several 500k and 750k rats but nothing s ...2005.08.15 04:15:00
- how do you make corp tax work. i have set the tax rate and saved it at 10% as a test. But the corp ...2005.08.15 03:50:00

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