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- To the OP I understand even though I only go back to mid 06. I myself plan to stay on even with all ...2011.09.06 01:14:00
- I'm going to get my tinfoil hat on and put on my x-ray glasses while I gaze into my crystal ball. AH ...2011.05.17 02:01:00
- This discussion has veered from an idea to provide a deterrent to getting ganked to the pros and con ...2011.05.11 23:06:00
- Coraline... you wouldn't mind if I fleshed out your idea into a new item for purchase via shady indu ...2011.05.10 21:31:00
- Wow! A smorgasbord of ideas! Although I've seen most of what is here there are still good nuggets. ...2011.05.10 03:13:00
- Creating a functioning BH system is not so easy to implement in eve. It has to be a system that is s ...2011.05.09 21:58:00
- So if I sit in a system for 2+ hours in a cloaked ship waiting for someone to pass by and no one doe ...2011.05.09 05:14:00
- The 11% tax on NPC corps was a poorly thought idea and cheap way for CCP to nerf mission runner inco ...2011.05.09 04:37:00
- I think this dynamic agent quality proposal from CCP is a very bad idea. I hope CCP thinks VERY hard ...2011.04.12 02:30:00
- I've been reading about BH systems for about the past two years on these groups and been formulating ...2011.04.04 21:40:00
- A bounty hunting system should not include anything about what a target is flying. I like the idea a ...2011.04.04 05:16:00
- Just wanted to say I support what CCP is doing by getting rid of the learning skills. I have both a ...2010.11.26 17:03:00
- Victor BlueStone,1,8,9,13,20,24,120,128,134,135 ...2010.11.25 01:42:00
- Thanks for the info, still no eve for me... tried everything so far and nothing has worked. ...2009.03.22 00:01:00

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