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- why is CAOD only available if your logged into the forums? Why you no allow us to read the trolls wi ...2011.09.01 00:36:00
- Edited by: Draconus Lofwyr on 23/08/2011 18:33:41 I propose one change that will keep supers as pow ...2011.08.23 18:33:00
- since CCP Dev's are eyeballing this (and a slight bump). Is there any word on if CCP will be making ...2011.07.07 23:25:00
- Keryth Sylvanus - someone have a tissue? i have something on my lower lip.DL ...2011.06.21 21:17:00
- might I suggest an additional change to increase the use of this module? instead of "_one unit can ...2011.05.10 03:17:00
- Now that we as players are able to build POS towers and modules, can we start having towers and modu ...2011.05.09 22:55:00
- accepted, good doing business. DL ...2011.05.03 03:44:00
- b/o offered, contract to me in game. ...2011.05.03 00:41:00
- To me this sounds like the same situation with fleet shield boosts after fleet jumping to a new syst ...2011.02.08 23:57:00
- there also seems to be an issue ordering them to attack the sansha's in empire, not sure anywhere el ...2011.01.02 03:33:00
- Edited by: Draconus Lofwyr on 22/12/2010 00:02:31 Yet another thread to beat this dead horse? prove ...2010.12.22 00:01:00
- well, to make them more PvP like, they would have to nerf a LOT of NPC traits, (ie. infinite capacit ...2010.12.19 22:40:00
- standings are still needed, the change was to remove the need for charters in 0.4 systems..http://ww ...2010.12.14 21:34:00
- I'm just hoping these "special" hacking ships will be able to hack secure containers anchored in spa ...2010.12.09 23:35:00
- ok, i had the skill training and everything ok, but my skill book reimbursement was a bit wonky. I k ...2010.12.04 06:52:00

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