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- If they provide a free trial on TQ, then I MAY try it.If not then I'll never use it. ...2006.12.13 09:43:00
- We have been working hard to raise our Faction standings with the goal of erecting a POS in empire. ...2006.12.04 14:33:00
- Your scenario is an excuse to vote against this. We are talking about player to player agression tim ...2006.10.26 21:03:00
- Found it's already in existence. ...2006.10.26 18:03:00
- I'd love kill rights, so long as they lasted. Currently for theft it's 15 minutes.48 hours is what I ...2006.10.26 17:56:00
- i just traveled 4 jumps in high sec. in2 systems i met groups of ships. one group was named like mmm ...2006.10.26 17:50:00
- Edited by: Elgar1 on 26/10/2006 17:44:44 There are some very good points in here that clearly ARE m ...2006.10.26 17:39:00
- What do you all think about increasing the agression timers? Give players a better chance at exactin ...2006.10.26 17:21:00
- Could you please add an RSS feed for the daily news items. I'd love to add it to our corp site. ...2006.10.24 21:54:00
- It will support ANY resolution your video card and monitor can display. ...2006.10.24 14:22:00
- I believe the station distance shows the distance to the center. Not to the outside. Different stati ...2006.10.24 14:19:00
- Edited by: Elgar1 on 24/10/2006 09:29:03 I actually agree with the OP as I do see his annoyance. He ...2006.10.24 09:26:00
- Tested on two PC's. Different setups.If I turn the camera so the ship is between the camera and the ...2006.10.19 23:09:00
- Does this a known bug? ...2006.10.19 22:52:00
- I can see the reasoning behind the OP's idea. I do like the idea too, theres logic there. It must ta ...2006.10.19 09:56:00

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