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- Nope, as The movie in question is not competing with EVE in any way. ...2008.06.26 21:28:00
- im disappointed in u ppl. Who cares about ingame economy mumbo jumbo. What really matters is the sur ...2008.06.26 21:19:00
- Absolutely not. The inflation it would introduce would pretty much destroy the economy, nevermind al ...2008.06.26 20:12:00
- Raise price, keep 30, 60 and 90 day options then stop skills training on accounts with expired subs. ...2008.05.22 19:47:00
- Cost can no longer be a factor when RMT is so prevalent in EVE, it only works out to people with big ...2008.05.22 17:12:00
- If they didn't respect the customers why give us notice?dont troll pls. go back to your dreamworld a ...2008.05.22 16:10:00
- Its not about buying or selling GTC's. Is about how the devs telling false facts to the customers, a ...2008.05.22 15:39:00
- In what way is faction warfare "instanced?" It's no more instanced than missions or exploration site ...2008.05.21 17:32:00
- Is this the case for the new faction ships as well? ...2008.05.20 17:56:00
- Just don't end up as her "friend" if you want to be shagging her. Sorry to put it bluntly. You'll n ...2008.05.20 16:05:00
- Anyone else have good examples of the media blatantly and intentionally getting the story wrong, mis ...2008.05.20 14:40:00
- Joining. ...2008.05.20 13:58:00
- CCP and BIG Games its a rip OFF! Then...oh, I dunno...don't play? ...2008.05.19 22:22:00
- For nearly two years Dreadnought siege modules have caused system wide lag. Two years. Sorry, that's ...2008.05.19 19:46:00
- Edited by: Arana Tellen on 19/05/2008 19:24:42 Well if CCP waited to fix everthing before a patch r ...2008.05.19 19:35:00

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