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- Excellent video. My only criticism is for the audio. When the combat started it really should have r ...2011.08.26 19:29:00
- I wanna go to Wacken so bad, but I can't afford the trip across the ocean.I did hit 70000 Tons of Me ...2011.08.12 17:50:00
- Got my money with no trouble at all. Was a pleasure doing business with Adonis Peverell. ...2011.08.10 22:21:00
- Ship Spinning 2.0 WEEEEEEEEEEEEMy god that's hysterical...Why?I found it rather dull and juvenile. I ...2011.08.04 23:45:00
- Agreed! Harvest Moon would sit near the top of my list for the SNES. Not sure what all would be on i ...2011.08.04 21:47:00
- List fails because no Harvest Moon, but I'll forgive it sense Mario Kart isn't on it. ...2011.08.04 21:30:00
- If you are interested in the backstory stuff, I suggest reading the Empyrean Age novel. I'm about 70 ...2011.08.04 21:19:00
- Sorry to see you go. Though if you are like me you will return. :D I have quit 3 times in the past a ...2011.08.01 19:26:00
- Edited by: Alsione Ailermane on 01/08/2011 19:21:21 I can doubleclick on my ship to open the cargo ...2011.08.01 19:21:00
- Considering the direction EVE is headed, I think it's obvious the devs stopped playing some time ago ...2011.08.01 09:40:00
- What part of forcing a **** currency into my wallet that I am morally opposed to is optional exactly ...2011.07.29 21:34:00
- Wow, the OP has pretty much no idea how things are working.A: True, plex can go into the NEX, and th ...2011.07.29 21:27:00
- Petition submited.I basically told them that i choose to have 0 AUR and they had no right no modify ...2011.07.29 21:14:00
- Edited by: Nerath Naaris on 29/07/2011 16:18:15 If you donīt have it yet, GET IT!It is basically a ...2011.07.29 17:28:00
- Edited by: Lando Tarsadan on 26/07/2011 10:42:43 will this one help ? ...2011.07.26 21:44:00

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