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- If you were to have a players full API key, would there be any way to see if they canceled any corp ...2011.09.03 22:45:00
- no one said you had to upgrade your clone and buy implants, that goes under the don't fly what you c ...2011.07.10 16:10:00
- You must not be very "old" in Eve if you think a clone loss is something one just shrugs off. My b ...2011.07.10 15:46:00
- Eve does not need a "pvp" on that your saying that eve players can't understand the mathe ...2011.07.10 14:50:00
- What you describe is not a bounty, but a contract killing with the person being killed forced into ...2011.07.10 13:13:00
- Edited by: Lowdar on 10/07/2011 14:12:29 Bounty Fee - The amount paid to put a bounty on someones h ...2011.07.10 00:33:00
- Edited by: Lowdar on 22/06/2011 12:03:56 MunchkinWarriors is a brand new industrial corp made for n ...2011.06.22 08:04:00
- WoW awaits you. Sadly enough I have played WoW, but it got boring pretty quick. And anyways the eco ...2011.02.18 01:57:00
- Comatose Cannibals Posse ...2011.02.18 01:53:00
- I'm leaving EVE, who wants my stuffs!? Just kidding, i'm not giving away any stuffs so please don't ...2011.02.18 01:32:00
- Hello, I am trying to gain faction standings to setup a high sec POS. I already know about the DATA ...2011.02.17 16:35:00
- I suggest the OP volunteers for this. Maybe even going there solo, no exits. In a frigate.That would ...2010.12.15 15:27:00
- no if both corps are still intact at the end then no one gets anything ...2010.12.15 15:16:00
- OK, so last night I was watching TV, and i had this great idea. What if CCP did a survivor EVE! Now ...2010.12.15 15:09:00

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