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- Edited by: iqplayer on 29/01/2011 02:53:32 Dear CCP, would it be possible to instead of a "you can' ...2011.01.29 02:52:00
- Edited by: iqplayer on 26/12/2010 17:33:54 There are two sides to the power supply question - over ...2010.12.26 17:19:00
- I really wish we had a metric for "number of players that can all shoot each other while the server ...2010.11.17 16:08:00
- I dunno, while nice for new players, I agree with many others that for an older player, it does very ...2009.02.04 17:08:00
- Or perhaps make the login screen a regular window instead of a 3D window? Seems like many other gam ...2007.11.06 03:10:00
- Edited by: iqplayer on 31/10/2007 18:19:34 I wasn't going to make an in depth post on this thread - ...2007.10.31 18:17:00
- We do understand the dangers associated with using caps but we also understand the danger of losing ...2007.10.31 17:21:00
- Edited by: iqplayer on 16/09/2007 18:01:25 I can only PvP when drunk... very very drunkIs that why ...2007.09.16 18:01:00
- Ooh, now there's a nice idea. /strokes beard and plots course on map.Anyway, I dunno where some of t ...2007.08.28 22:56:00
- Edited by: iqplayer on 06/08/2007 19:41:57 Edited by: CCP Greyscale on 06/08/2007 15:05:01 The aut ...2007.08.06 19:41:00
- I'll tell you what's really weird.... watching the noob you just recruited trying to 'chat up' one o ...2007.08.02 21:47:00
- i dont get it... its an mmo where you can bowl and go to the theatre? you know you can do that irl ...2007.07.22 14:10:00
- it "may" be related to the database tweaks on the roids? It does seem a tad odd that the belt rats ...2007.06.21 13:52:00
- Edited by: iqplayer on 21/06/2007 13:43:51 I just want to add in some more info, and another concer ...2007.06.21 13:41:00
- The ice belts are indeed back. I hopped around the ice belts in four different constellations check ...2007.06.20 17:19:00

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