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- and hes got 7 turret slots, but i wouldnt say that, cuz those people have so little else in their li ...2008.01.11 12:21:00
- Most armor tankers can fit 3 damage mods, the main reason the raven is omgwtfpwn for PvE is because ...2008.01.11 12:16:00
- Edited by: Jim Steele on 11/01/2008 12:20:30 High 6x High 425mm Autocannon II 1x Heavy Launcher I ...2008.01.11 10:46:00
- Edited by: Jim Steele on 11/01/2008 10:30:40If you want to use Tachs your better getting a Nightmare ...2008.01.11 10:29:00
- Edited by: Jim Steele on 09/01/2008 15:39:50A longer range setup with beams6 x Heavy Beam IIs 1 x R ...2008.01.09 15:38:00
- Edited by: Jim Steele on 06/01/2008 18:24:24Tachyons use a lot of cap, so I wouldnt bother with them ...2008.01.06 18:22:00
- Does EFT tell you how long a bay full of capital torps last? Id go Revalation simply to avoid resupp ...2008.01.04 17:00:00
- Edited by: Jim Steele on 04/01/2008 14:31:06 Apoc with More Cap and a Increase to range would be ve ...2008.01.04 14:30:00
- Id probably go with +7.5% Armour resists or -10% LAR duration bonus with the same cap bonus, Mabye a ...2008.01.03 17:05:00
- Edited by: Jim Steele on 03/01/2008 15:37:08 Absolution is the second sexiest ship in the game, the ...2008.01.03 15:34:00
- Harpy is always good for this role, can have really high resists and support ships shield and capaci ...2008.01.03 13:47:00
- For a bit more damage tryHighs: 8 x Best Megapulse you can afford/fit (its worth training for Tech ...2008.01.02 17:23:00
- Edited by: Jim Steele on 02/01/2008 14:08:51I would fit passive hardners, 2x Corpum A-Type Energised ...2008.01.02 14:00:00
- 30KM is pretty good range for a high damage setup. Torps were balanced since doing the same damage f ...2007.12.06 16:09:00
- The Apoc works fine against Guristas but not sure about a Abbaddon. ...2007.01.03 23:13:00

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