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- Scifi,112,109,139,145,14,31,47,16,75 ...2011.07.26 02:46:00
- I'm particularly found of this one: Spaghetti Time It's source can be seen here: Linkage ...2011.02.27 01:00:00
- If you're mining somewhere where you are a potential target for a hulkageddification then you are do ...2011.02.13 02:45:00
- I wouldn't mind being able to buy some sort of "fluff" ships. Things like the interbus shuttle for ...2010.12.13 00:36:00
- The "because I'm lazy and don't feel like driving 1.5hours to Minneapolis" option: Micon Cinemas C ...2010.12.13 00:24:00
- Edited by: Scifi on 24/11/2010 19:53:18 Scifi,197,121,98,78,81,45,25,102 ...2010.11.24 19:50:00
- I was starting to write it off when Nano-factories had a price crash. I did a retool and have final ...2010.08.07 14:58:00
- And the space would remain empty except for moon goo pos's. As it stands, there are already tons of ...2010.07.06 22:34:00
- PI is interesting, not sure if I'd toss the word "Fun" on it or not. Right now I'm taking about a h ...2010.07.02 01:02:00
- Curzon was a heavy forum user and an avid eve player. He and his girlfriend discussed their lives t ...2010.05.31 03:59:00
- I seem to remember a while back that removing or at least reducing the amount of tech 1 "crap loot" ...2010.03.19 21:43:00
- Edited by: Ashina Sito on 01/03/2010 20:35:31 Also remember that the vast majority of npc corp play ...2010.03.02 00:26:00
- The problem I see with this is that there are a ton of agents in game. Unless you implemented some ...2009.12.28 23:22:00
- I'm hiding semi-active in an NPC corp right now. The problems I've ran into in the past hit some of ...2009.10.24 22:42:00
- I oddly support this idea...and expanding corp taxes to encompass all market transactions (for every ...2009.09.22 23:40:00

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