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- - Low/Null is boring. I can tell you that theres a good reason its empty, and thats because all th ...2009.06.22 15:38:00
- what kinds of skill is pvp require? I want to buy a pvp cha but I do not know which one is better in ...2009.06.22 15:32:00
- My Ati X1200X mobile is sufficient for 1680x1050 when I tune down the settings slightly.. No HDR blo ...2009.06.22 14:54:00
- Really, really uncalled for.Huh?1. There was someone. 2. That some had stuff. 3. The some one died ...2009.06.22 14:53:00
- Edited by: Hariya on 21/06/2009 15:42:57 Hackers / Spammers / IGC Sellers / Bots / Macros All of t ...2009.06.21 15:43:00
- This post has been cleared of inappropriate content.Regards,The EVE Online Moderation team ...2009.06.21 15:33:00
- The Harbinger completle outpreforms the prophecy as a lasor boat.You probably missed the whole point ...2009.06.20 12:55:00
- Frack is not a word.Cleaned of inappropriate content. Zymurgist ...2009.06.19 16:19:00
- Yeah players should not get flagged for either. ...2009.06.18 18:58:00
- Why does CCP's customer service suck so bad.Probably they are just incompetent, lazy, and happy with ...2009.06.18 18:55:00
- Unfortuantely MSSQL has now become the proverbial rod for CCP's back, simply because if CCP choose a ...2009.06.15 17:00:00
- Solution #1: Implement an ideas, solutions, and voting system similar to Ubuntu Brainstorm Argumentu ...2009.06.15 16:54:00
- Apart from that please don't forget some possible impact of 'space' ship systems like inertia stabil ...2009.06.14 18:39:00
- 1.5T Pretty small database still. It's pretty common nowadays to be in multi-terabyte range an ...2009.06.14 15:51:00
- Posting in a braindead topic.Guys, there are estimated 400 000+ people in China that play MMORPG gam ...2009.06.14 15:45:00

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