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- Well, I can confirm that clearing your Cache does not work =P I'll post a bug report as soon as I ge ...2008.06.17 11:57:00
- Allow me to rephrase; if AF's base cost was what they currently are priced, they should smoke cruise ...2008.06.16 08:02:00
- Ok, these new AFs will still have a hard time against a half-decent cruiser pilot, i have no doubt a ...2008.06.16 00:11:00
- Oh wow, thanks for the replies all! That was what I figured it meant, however I was not sure if it c ...2008.06.12 22:47:00
- asdasd ...2008.06.12 12:40:00
- It's not like Huginns do an amazing amount of DPS, neut him once or twice and he'll proabably bugger ...2008.06.12 02:37:00
- I don't know, my Militia organized pretty damn quick. We were raiding, complexing, and roaming withi ...2008.06.12 02:30:00
- Wasn't sure where to ask this, guess this is as good as any ^_^ Here's for you EFT gurus!What does E ...2008.06.12 02:28:00
- "There is no solopwnmobile"Generally speaking, I agree with you, but I think it takes alot more than ...2008.06.11 11:33:00
- Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, CCP wanted players to have a more ready access to PvP. FW al ...2008.06.11 11:29:00
- Edited by: Papa Gwan on 10/06/2008 00:55:00 It's not that Missiles aren't good in PvP, it's that Sn ...2008.06.10 00:52:00
- I'm a nub, but I do like fighting Amarr in my Wolf =D 92% em, 67% thermal is pretty hotsauce! PEW PE ...2008.06.09 04:19:00
- Bump for justice! ...2008.06.09 04:16:00
- Here is a list of some basic features I'd like to see added someday. UI: Packaging Modules: Why? Is ...2008.06.07 11:32:00
- Sounds like alot of work for an already annoying feature. When I play, I usually just click down my ...2008.06.07 11:10:00

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