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- Serious post: I'll give you 100m for the BPC. ...2011.02.08 06:31:00
- I never really was interested in Incursions to begin with, it's group content yet again. Wormholes w ...2011.01.26 06:22:00
- Damn CCP for adding PvE that isnt mindless and boring. HOW DARE THEY MAKE PEOPLE LOSE SHIPS TO PvE! ...2011.01.26 05:42:00
- Bumping this for the greater good ...2011.01.20 09:41:00
- If this was about stopping people cloaking up for hours and hours in any ship at all (other than cov ...2011.01.20 07:32:00
- Edited by: EdFromHumanResources on 20/01/2011 07:18:28 Edited by: CHAOS100 on 20/01/2011 07:16:02 ...2011.01.20 07:17:00
- This would be a neat idea.....if 10 supercaps couldnt kill an 80 man supercap fleet with ease. If yo ...2011.01.20 05:06:00
- Edited by: james1122 on 19/01/2011 18:09:34 If only someone had posted a thread suggesting a way to ...2011.01.20 04:37:00
- Actually it has a role. The role you suggested is already taken(By dreads). They were introduced a ...2011.01.19 16:09:00
- Make dreads immune to fighter bombers and change the explosion radious on fighter bombers so they ca ...2011.01.19 15:24:00
- I ran into multiple sansha gatecamps in highsec on sisi. Not sure what youre going for with this pr ...2011.01.19 09:57:00
- Anything without a role bonus or cov ops cloak shouldnt be able to regen cap. The AFK Cloakers tha ...2011.01.19 09:54:00
- Thanks for trying to think about the issue in a lateral way, but I think people with experience in t ...2011.01.19 07:07:00
- Make it only gate cloak and cov ops cloak and I will gladly support. ...2011.01.17 12:02:00
- And my idea that you can't recharge cap while your cloaked?Also by doubling the cycle time of the DD ...2011.01.17 11:59:00

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