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- If you are looking for the best all arounder for missioning I would say that the Kestrel>Caraca ...2011.08.26 19:44:00
- Shoot first, ask questions later. ...2011.08.20 07:19:00
- I am a long time veteran that has been around in one form or another since just after launch of ...2011.08.01 00:01:00
- I think the ratios are different for different sizes, but I haven't checked. I never really got muc ...2011.03.28 00:57:00
- Unless you are getting omni damage you generally shouldn't omni tank for PVE unless you know what yo ...2011.03.28 00:54:00
- Just as a general rule of thumb, the Caldari Navy shield boosters are decent, a bit better at fittin ...2011.03.28 00:45:00
- A drake could also work. Drop some of the overblown tank most people fit and throw on some tra ...2011.03.24 11:36:00
- Almost anything would be better than abusing a Rattlesnake in that manner. I believe that what ...2011.03.24 11:10:00
- You need to get your Elite hull tanking Certificate first, but yes, real PVPers hull tank. This cer ...2011.02.18 16:45:00
- And please share exactly where you will be flying this ship. It helps us with suggestions on fittin ...2011.02.16 12:02:00
- Most setups I've seen for such ships use MicroWarpDrives. I am no so sure whether that is such a goo ...2011.02.16 11:58:00
- It is faster and has a considerably smaller singature size than a battlecruiser This is why peop ...2011.02.16 11:39:00
- I am running EVE with the 10.10 version of Ubuntu with an nVidia video card. I have no issues. It ...2010.09.20 11:31:00
- Edited by: Alua Oresson on 20/08/2010 10:59:39 man fu k e-un iand their bloby **** man. get like 80 ...2010.08.20 10:59:00
- You can drop one of those extenders for a web. Another thing you can do is to change an extend ...2010.07.14 01:03:00

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