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- ROF are the same on tq as on sisi 14.35 on both for 1000 rails, 13.5 on both for duel giga beamhes t ...2010.11.23 16:56:00
- Average subscription lifespan for players that have spent atleast 65% of their played time in highse ...2010.11.10 22:18:00
- I heard a funny quip about the whole global warming thing the other day, went something like "if you ...2010.11.02 21:20:00
- if your weapons are grouped, the damage shown is for the entire group. So its 71/x not 71*xThat bein ...2010.11.02 20:52:00
- Dramiel, Cynabal, Machariel ...2010.10.13 16:18:00
- Theres is a program called triexporter that you can use to extract the models and textures from the ...2010.10.13 16:12:00
- . is the one of the most insainly, idiotic things i've ever seen. Nothing in this whole movie has, ...2010.10.12 20:32:00
- There comes a point when the job you are doing becomes so important that making mistakes is unaccept ...2010.10.12 16:42:00
- Personally I think that the rate of stations being built will slow down as time goes on. I know alot ...2010.10.12 16:04:00
- It takes a gaggle of time and resources to build a station. ... So making them destructable is sense ...2010.10.11 17:01:00
- hey ******* you do realize this is a supply and demand economy, you are free to pass along that pric ...2010.10.08 20:57:00
- You know what the really funny part isThey've yet to prove that R112 was more harmful the the atmosp ...2010.10.07 16:42:00
- All Super Carriers will be Built for 5B + the BPC and all Titans will be Built for 20B + BPC cur ...2010.10.06 14:52:00
- tbh visio is terrible. its like a ****tier version of autocad, if such a thing is possible.Might be ...2010.10.05 16:16:00
- While I don't agree with the OP on all points, I have seen more long term players leave in the last ...2010.10.04 20:12:00

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