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- I am buying this for 3.5bil ...2010.08.27 23:25:00
- Edited by: illusha on 04/11/2008 02:17:22 Edited by: illusha on 04/11/2008 02:16:11 Edited by: ill ...2008.11.04 02:10:00
- I endorse this product ...2008.09.16 04:11:00
- (AP) -- The head of the Feder ...2008.07.11 20:35:00
- Gentlemen, I propose that we combine our skills into one organisation committed to the assassination ...2008.07.11 20:20:00
- I would like to know why they cast Ludacris (a black rapper/crappy actor who is in his 20's) to play ...2008.07.10 22:48:00
- Tell her that you need sex education and that you want her to be your teacher. ...2008.07.06 18:45:00
- Silently sneak behind her like a navy seal and then slap her on the ass. Then RUN and never see her ...2008.07.06 04:22:00
- A submachine gun would probably be the most effective weapon to use in a close-range combat situatio ...2008.07.01 02:11:00
- I know that I'm posting this a little bit too late since it happened a few days ago but Tim Rus ...2008.06.16 10:00:00
- I'm getting feedback from my mic while using vent to talk to my corpmates, how do I fix it? ...2008.06.12 02:33:00
- This is brilliant, possibly the best eve video ever created. My only complaint is that it doesn't ha ...2008.06.02 05:23:00
- I was busy having sex with your mom ...2008.05.23 01:30:00
- Awesome video, great pvp and music. I always criticize Kil2 for his gay techno crap but you have put ...2008.05.20 06:58:00
- I'm having the same problem, I used to be able to play in windowed mode and it occupied about half m ...2008.05.07 08:57:00

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