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- EDIT: I just noticed that you're currently in the Accursed. One of our pilots just left us for them, ...2009.08.03 03:23:00
- Any corporation who picks up Endless will be better off. Any gang with Endless in it is much more li ...2009.08.03 03:17:00
- I only suggest that you hire someone to handle webpage design, this mosaic of terror thing you've be ...2009.06.24 05:06:00
- Edited by: doctorstupid2 on 23/06/2009 22:49:40 Hey look, it's us! In a thread! yay us! \o/ (hi co ...2009.06.23 22:49:00
- Edited by: doctorstupid2 on 23/06/2009 22:47:59 High speed mirror: HERE Loved it endless, was real ...2009.06.23 14:36:00
- Edited by: doctorstupid2 on 14/06/2009 04:59:32 ****. (edit: Breasts.) Also, that's one of my favo ...2009.06.14 04:59:00
- ...2009.04.05 17:58:00
- I said the exact same thing, Osiris, I know I just watched a 17 minute movie, but I want more.Trista ...2009.04.05 05:36:00
- Edited by: doctorstupid2 on 05/04/2009 05:33:52 FIRSTAnd for the record, I am the tank that goes do ...2009.04.05 01:13:00
- You know what I miss?Proper structure fires. ...2009.04.04 17:24:00
- Or were you talking about something else?Hi, yes, i was reffering to the physical look rather than ...2009.04.04 17:16:00
- any more? Nice movie!But how on earth does that setup (after insurance) only cost 15million and how ...2009.04.03 00:42:00
- about ****ing time, dlingYou know full well doc is slow. I mean like, shortbus slow. D O W N L O A ...2009.04.02 03:49:00
- Reign of Terror ...2009.04.02 02:53:00
- Ah yes, the Comedy Vexor™, a ship you've probably never seen used, a setup so stupid that it works p ...2009.04.02 02:37:00

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