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- There's definitely room to complain, and I don't disagree with you, but you probably shouldn't be us ...2011.07.02 08:00:00
- Now, I feel that the blog that was put out was good in many aspects and we had our lawyers go over t ...2011.06.22 22:02:00
- Edited by: Epitrope on 22/06/2011 00:15:37 So, how do you get your mouse cursor to actually appear? ...2011.06.22 00:07:00
- Right now any error will count towards a temporary throttle. Does this include error 520 "Unexpecte ...2011.06.19 08:37:00
- Finally, does it really matter which of the two orders was cancelled, and which one was filled? Asid ...2011.06.17 23:20:00
- Smaller DataMarketOrders will now only return a list of active and non-expired orders. This call was ...2011.06.17 21:22:00
- Well, if they are aware of the issue, what should they say?Off the top of my head, and with no profe ...2011.06.09 19:55:00
- Added new SDESometimes it's useful to have both the old and the new versions. The toolkit page does ...2011.05.19 22:30:00
- It was gracious of you to set up the "over 9000!" joke, but can we get some more numbers, please?CPU ...2011.03.21 14:47:00
- In the mean time, you can use the RSS feeds on Chribba's website EVE-Search. There are a number of ...2011.03.05 09:22:00
- Alongside that we'll add calls to resolve the names of non-owner locations (such as planets, the shi ...2011.03.03 08:09:00
- Edited by: Epitrope on 22/02/2011 11:12:09 I like how we keep quoting ourselves from that previous ...2011.02.21 21:33:00
- Second, I would like the NPC corporation and faction logos to be made available by corporationID and ...2011.02.18 23:04:00
- The problem here is that the old "lock target" functionality was not a proper shortcut but a hardcod ...2011.02.17 07:31:00
- For the record, since the toolkit page has no permanence, here are the links to the Incursion 1.1.2 ...2011.02.14 23:20:00

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