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- BC's relate to cruisers as dessies to frigs.That, and and dessies have traits that make them not ver ...2011.03.16 07:57:00
- A prop mod for a mach is a gank, tank and utility mod.Gank, because you'll do more damage up close, ...2011.03.15 23:07:00
- Not quite true, Amarr excells in amarr territory, though it might help to have projectiles trained t ...2011.03.15 23:00:00
- Isn't there an age requirement on this game? You have to be so many years old to subscribe and play? ...2011.03.15 15:08:00
- For all it's awesomeness, a gist XL booster rivals a mach hull's price.Yes it is awesome, but if you ...2011.03.15 15:04:00
- Silly idea, That means that whenever I don't feel like investing much time on EVE I'll have to unsub ...2011.03.15 08:25:00
- Take a t1 mining ship, insure it, tank it as well as you can (so dessies are unable to alpha it), pa ...2011.03.15 08:19:00
- My major beef is that you wish either to use autocannons without prop mod and with armor tank, or Ar ...2011.03.15 08:00:00
- It's the brutix, that is a tier 1 BC with blasters.Try a different ship and a different weapon syste ...2011.03.14 12:17:00
- Edited by: Zilberfrid on 14/03/2011 08:36:20 Eve is in part about risk versus reward.What is the ri ...2011.03.14 08:34:00
- Edited by: Dek''athor on 14/03/2011 07:27:06 For all the speedtank fanbois, plug in your fit into E ...2011.03.14 08:18:00
- ... here comes the arty nerf...Pretty much."Lasers suck, lets nerf Arty". Sounds EvE. Of course in t ...2011.03.14 08:07:00
- If I'd gatecamp, I'd love this, fill up a trasher with 8 of these and have massive alpha!It would no ...2011.03.11 23:23:00
- If I'd gatecamd, I'd love this, fill up a trasher with 8 of these and have massive alpha!It would no ...2011.03.11 18:54:00
- I really had a lot of fun low sec ratting with the imicus.A Maulus I used as a tackler because it lo ...2011.03.11 18:52:00

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