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- Good read and awesome tourney run for both your squads. Yes, you screwed up in how you handled the ...2011.06.20 14:33:00
- Again in the spirit of being open and honest I'll have to revise the times and delay things 24 hours ...2011.06.13 19:14:00
- Up. ...2011.04.12 13:01:00
- Up we go...*Detria sticks tongue out at Jerk... ...2011.03.14 19:08:00
- I flew with NOIR. for a short time and personally I found them be a decent and honest group of peopl ...2011.02.28 19:02:00
- Welcome to the biz... Don't forget to add me to your watch list so you can come kill me...Kill Em A ...2011.02.04 19:53:00
- HBD Noir.Kill Em ALL, Dee ...2011.01.21 16:25:00
- Edited by: Detria on 20/01/2011 21:53:16 It is against the rules to trade a character with signific ...2011.01.20 21:53:00
- You are not the first to do it, you won't be that last. Just petition it and be sure to include a l ...2011.01.20 21:42:00
- +1 for the option to not load them. Used to be a good intel tool, now not so much... ...2011.01.20 21:35:00
- seems that yet again snatch victory is failing to defeat LSS (7man corp) its quite sad.. they talk ...2011.01.12 15:32:00
- Damn, I miss being at war with Orphanage... Oh wait, I still am... ...2011.01.10 19:05:00
- luv the action between these two. do u think snatch will one day be in the orphanage? Something te ...2010.11.25 15:28:00
- Login tarp is apparently the new code phrase for getting your jock handed to you.GF's Orphs.Shame ab ...2010.11.24 01:56:00
- From what I gather you got hit by the GM dork disease in which a GM makes a terribly bad call only t ...2010.11.17 16:58:00

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