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- It seems like this should be a fairly easy thing for CCP to do. As a programmer, this kind of comm ...2010.01.04 05:55:00
- lolz ... When I read the title of the thread, I thought you meant the nose of the character avatar. ...2009.12.30 03:26:00
- Edited by: SisterMaryElephant on 30/12/2009 00:54:22 I always PVP with an empty clone. I'd be happy ...2009.12.30 00:52:00
- Edited by: SisterMaryElephant on 30/12/2009 00:24:15 I'll make a trade. Lower the fanfest minimum a ...2009.12.30 00:07:00
- Supported, but not holding my breathe. Let's face it, since this has been an ongoing complaint prac ...2009.12.30 00:01:00
- It's so hard to tolerate stupid people. I know how to set up my overview perfectly well. It's insu ...2009.12.29 23:22:00

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