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- I'm a returning EVE player whose helping 4 friends who are 1-2 months into the game. If you deem I q ...2011.04.16 05:27:00
- Yes, I've been wanting a better font since the very beginning. My eyes are just so strained reading ...2009.03.15 23:05:00
- EVE is not so much as a "player with computer" game, it's about "player with community". It's not th ...2007.06.24 17:24:00
- Well firstly, welcome to EVE =) EVE is not a game, EVE is the Universe. One thing a leader should ha ...2007.06.24 06:12:00
- Hi Viper, I do understand what you are looking for, a casual warm socialble community that you can g ...2007.06.21 11:25:00
- Impinge, you are the type of gamer we like. I'd like to invite you to come to 'Serenity Public' for ...2007.06.21 11:19:00
- I would like to give you my personal opinion that this corporation is very mature and the people are ...2007.06.21 11:13:00
- Edited by: Nicholas Celeres on 18/06/2007 13:53:59 A very good corp, and the fleet operations are f ...2007.06.18 13:55:00
- Edited by: Nicholas Celeres on 08/12/2006 12:55:51 As always, thank you very much :) ...2006.12.08 12:56:00
- Edited by: Nicholas Celeres on 04/12/2006 08:42:40 Hi there, could you please post your system spec ...2006.12.04 08:42:00
- My mistake. Would be glad to pay ingame isk, or trade with timecards. ...2006.05.07 19:16:00
- A long time ago, when the jacket was first released - I couldn't afford the shipping and the cost of ...2006.05.07 17:28:00
- Take control of the destiny that is rightfully yours. 5 people helped - do you need a hand ? ...2006.05.07 12:35:00
- Take control of the destiny that is rightfully yours. Don't be an employee. Take charge. ...2006.05.07 12:33:00
- Bump again. ...2006.05.04 17:40:00

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