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- So how does the new CQ/Incarna effect your actual flying around and shooting things? Sure, CQ runs l ...2011.06.22 15:13:00
- but that i lost it because of the bug inside the CCP client applicationCan you prove this to CCP wit ...2011.04.01 09:02:00
- The PLEX prices in game have gone from 325 million to over 375 million ISK. The sandbox now has a l ...2011.03.30 09:38:00
- You make a lot of good points from a certain perspective.There are good and bad points from any pers ...2011.01.28 13:34:00
- <Trimmed for space> RN Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign Sani SabikYou make a lot of good points from ...2011.01.28 12:48:00
- Edited by: Vlad Cetes on 27/01/2011 19:53:46We capsuleers have a bad reputation because some of us h ...2011.01.28 12:36:00
- "Mass Stupidity" is certainly an apt term to define that. Every time standards are related to most ...2011.01.27 17:30:00
- What standards are you using to try to affirm that Kuvakei is "insane" and paint as absolut truth th ...2011.01.27 15:25:00
- I imagine some of you have seen me around. I know, i'm young by the standards of capsuleers, but i'd ...2011.01.27 13:15:00
- Bah... freedom is never given, it is always taken.Of course you are right, but some here would argue ...2011.01.27 13:06:00
- Edited by: Hooch Flux on 25/01/2011 13:57:19I'm sorry, I don't understand the concept of "happy peop ...2011.01.25 13:56:00
- I hope the Nation burns your entire Federation to ashes.And then they will turn on us.. keep yer pet ...2011.01.25 13:36:00
- Get a room you two... ...2011.01.25 09:56:00
- Is there a "standard" for what can be seen as "human" psychologically? Where even to start assumptio ...2011.01.24 19:31:00
- Master Kuvakei's psychological profile is that of a man driven by something greater than himself. So ...2011.01.24 19:25:00

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